Alles in Ordnung – Mit dem Wahnsinn auf Streife

Order Office Team

Police team 1

Police Team 2

Everything in order - with the madness on patrol is a Mockumentaryserie the director Thilo Gosejohann for ProSieben.


In the series, fictional police and order officials are accompanied by the camera and play scenes of an insert according. The officials alleged to occur outrageously towards the citizens. The viewer should get the impression that the scenes happen in reality, but they are made ​​by actors. The reality view is reinforced above all by the commentator, reflecting the actions with serious words. Everything is OK excessive taper of the various Pseudo-Polizei-/Ordnungsamt-Dokus, such as Attention control!. Regularly but not recognize the contents as fiction and viewers are outraged by the behavior of the supposed officials.


The director Thilo Gosejohann turned the series together with Stefan Brückerhoff who accompanied him as a cameraman since the study 's proceedings.


In the U.S. there is since 2003 also a sham documentary series about a police unit in Reno Nevada, Reno 911!. Presumably it served the German series as an example.