Alluitsup Paa

Alluitsup Paa ( Danish Sydprøven ) is a settlement in the south of Greenland, which belongs to the municipality Kujalleq ( until 1 January 2009 management community Nanortalik ). In the place that was founded in 1830 as a trading post, 278 people ( as of 2012). This Alluitsup Paa was the largest Greenlandic settlement without municipal status before the municipal reform of 2009. The Greenlandic name means " outside of Alluitsoq ".

Alluitsup Paa now lives mainly from crab and cod fishing. Attractions near the village are the famous hot springs of Greenland on the island Uunartoq and the historic settlement Alluitsoq, west of the village there are some historical Inuit graves. In addition, the village is the starting point for one of the most popular hikes in Greenland, leading from Alluitsup Paa on the Vatnahverfi Peninsula after Igaliku Kujalleq.