Amadeus II of Montfaucon

Amadeus II of Montfaucon (French Amédée, * 1130, † 1195) was Lord of Montfaucon, and ( as Amadeus I ) Count of Montbéliard ( Montbeliard ).

He was the son of Richard II, Lord of Montfaucon, and Sophia of Montbéliard († 1148 ). From his father he inherited the rule of Montfaucon. Upon the death of his maternal grandfather, Dietrich II of Montbéliard, he inherited in 1163 from this county Montbéliard.

He married (possibly in a second marriage ) Beatrix of Grandson - Joinville.

He had several daughters and two sons. Of the latter, he was succeeded by the elder, Richard III. , As Count of Montbéliard, the Younger, Walter ( † 1212 ) went as a crusader to the Holy Land, where he made career as a constable of Jerusalem and regent of Cyprus.

Amadeus defied the brother of the Emperor, Count Palatine Otto I of Burgundy, who wanted to expand his sphere of influence to Amadeus ' loads to the Alsace. During a negotiation with Otto in spring 1195 he was personally killed by it.