Amado Azar

Amado Azar (born 31 December 1913 in Córdoba, † 1971) was an Argentine boxer at middleweight and silver medalist of the Olympic Games of 1932 in Los Angeles. He is the younger brother of professional boxer Jorge Azar.

Amado Azar reached the finals in the middleweight division, where he lost to the Americans Carmen Barth on points at the 10th Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles. In the semifinals, he defeated Frenchman Roger Michelot and in the quarterfinals of the Italian Aldo Longinotti.

In 1933 he began a career as a professional boxer and played 66 fights, of which he won 53 and 7 Draws counted. The Spanish champions Ignacio Ara he defeated several times. In addition, he beat the European champion Jose Martinez Valero. Four of his six losses he suffered against his compatriot Raul Rodriguez. In 1945 he finished his professional career with a points victory against Young John Herrera, who could not beat him in seven games.