Amelia Island

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Amelia Iceland is the southernmost island in the Sea Islands, which extend along the east coast of the United States from South Carolina to Florida. It is 21 km long and at its widest point, about 6 km wide. To the north of the island lies Cumberland Iceland. The island is part of the Nassau County in Florida. The cities of Fernandina Beach and Amelia City are both located on the island.

The island is also known as the Isle of 8 Flags ("Island of eight flags "). Since the year 1562 she was under the flag of: ( again ) France, Spain, Great Britain, Spain, Patriots of Amelia Iceland, Green Cross of Florida, Mexico, the Confederate States of America, United States.

On the island, the tennis tournament " Bausch & Lomb Championships ," WTA Tour took place from 1975 to 2008.

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  • Nassau County ( Florida)