Amery Ice Shelf

- 69.573.5Koordinaten: 69 ° 30 '0 "S, 73 ° 30' 0" E

The Amery Ice Shelf (English: Amery Ice Shelf) is a location in Ostantarktika, permanent ice, which spans the Prydz Bay. It is formed from the ice of the glacier Lambert, who leads there in the sea. Geographically, it lies between 69 ° and 70 ° S and between 72 ° and 75 ° E. The Amery Ice Shelf is located in a tapered bay with a length of 400 km and a maximum width of 175 km. In the West, the Mac Robertson Land, to the east the American Highland is located.

After the Ross Ice Shelf and the Filchner - Ronne Ice Shelf, it is with an area of ​​62,600 km2 (2007) is the third largest of its kind in Antarctica.

The Australian claim to the region was defined by the Antarctic Treaty on ice.