Amityville, New York

Suffolk County


Amityville is an approximately 10,000 inhabitants counting place on Long Iceland in Suffolk County, New York, in the United States.

The village has a station on the Montauk Branch of the Long Line Iceland Railroad ( LIRR ), which enables good speed rail link to New York City.

Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror is a novel by Jay Anson in 1977, whose action takes place in this location. The book has been filmed several times, including in The Amityville Horror from 1979. The village is known worldwide today because of these horror movies.

The amendment is based on a true story, in which in November 1974 Ronald DeFeo shot six family members in the family home - the house is in the 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville. In December 1975 George and Kathy Lutz covered with their three children, the house, but they fled 28 days later and said that they were persecuted by paranormal phenomenon. Jay Anson was inspired by this view and made the famous horror story. The said house still exists today, but it was rebuilt and changed the address to discourage tourists from the retreat - subsequent inhabitants know no phenomena and keep the presentation of the Lutz family for a financially lucrative swindle.


In Amityville has lived among other things, Al Capone. The guitarist and composer David Torn was born here.