AML is an abbreviation for:

  • Air Malawi, national airline of the African country of Malawi ( ICAO code )
  • Acute myeloid leukemia, a malignancy engraftment
  • Anti Money Laundering (German anti-money laundering )
  • A French reconnaissance tanks, Panhard AML see
  • Application Mapping Language, a RDF -based ontology language
  • Arc Macro Language, a programming language for the geographic information system ArcGIS
  • ARIS Markup Language, a markup language for ARIS models
  • A Manufacturing Language, a robot programming language, see AML (robotics)
  • Automation Markup Language, a programming language for automation processes; the associated file format of AutoMate
  • AutomationML, an XML-based data format for the exchange of plant design data
  • ACPI Machine Language, pseudo code, which is executed by a virtual machine inside of an operating system ACPI-compliant, see the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface # System description tables, AML, ASL
  • Aachen Münchener life insurance
  • Aircraft Maintenance Licence European license for certifying staff of aircraft maintenance ( EASA Form 26)
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