Amylose (Greek Amylon, cornstarch ') with a mass fraction of about 20-30 percent next amylopectin component of natural, vegetable starch, such as corn or potato.

The polysaccharide amylose has a Molar mass 15000-220000 g · mol -1, corresponding to about 100-1400 D- glucose monomers, the α -1 ,4 -glycosidically linked. Due to the bond angles between the blocks, the chain is helically wound into a helix having about 6 blocks per winding. Hydrogen bonds between adjacent hydroxyl groups stabilize the structure. Into the cavity of the helix, other molecules, such as iodine, may be included.

Amylose is slightly soluble in water; colloidally it dissolves readily in hot water. Amylosepasten form of a gel and a tendency to retrogradation. The addition of Lugol's solution, amylose blue ( " Lugol starch determination " ) dyes.