Anaconda (disambiguation)

Anaconda stands for:

  • Anaconda (film), an American movie from 1997, and its sequels Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (2004), Anaconda - Offspring ( 2008) and Anaconda: Trail of Blood ( 2009)
  • Anaconda (documentary), Swedish documentary from 1954
  • Anaconda (Montana), a town in Montana, USA
  • Anaconda Verlag, a German publisher based in Cologne
  • Anaconda Copper Mine, a copper mine in Montana, USA
  • Colt Anaconda, a revolver the Colt brand
  • Operation Anaconda, a military operation in Afghanistan
  • AnaConDa ® ( Anaesthetic Conserving Device ), a medical device for evaporation and mixing of volatile anesthetics
  • A sales division of the publisher of computer games dtp entertainment
  • RSA Smart Card for illegal reception of Pay - TV
  • Several roller coasters: Anaconda (Gold Reef City ), South Africa
  • Anaconda (Kings Dominion ), United States
  • Anaconda ( Walygator Parc), France

Places in the United States:

  • Anaconda (Colorado), in dish County - no longer exists
  • Anaconda (Missouri ), in Franklin County
  • Anaconda (Montana), in Deer Lodge County

Number of people:

  • Angela Anaconda, fictional main character in the eponymous Canadian animation series from 1999
  • Endo Anaconda ( born 1955 ), Swiss singer-songwriter and writer


  • Anaconda Airport, Airport in Deer Lodge County, Montana
  • Anaconda Copper Mines, mine in Gallatin County, Montana
  • Anaconda Section Nine Mine, mine in Cibola County, New Mexico
  • Anaconda Tunnel Mine, Mine in Teller County, Colorado
  • Anaconda Historical Marker, park in Deer Lodge County, Montana
  • Anaconda Park, Park in Los Angeles County, California
  • Anaconda Smelter Stack State Park, park in Deer Lodge County, Montana

In NRHP -listed objects:

  • Anaconda Commercial Historic District, in Anaconda, Montana, ID no. 98000155
  • Anaconda Copper Mining Company smokestack, in Anaconda, Montana, ID no. 87000607
  • Anaconda Saddle Club, in Anaconda, Montana, ID no. 06001296
  • Anaconda Street Railway Barn, in Anaconda, Montana, ID no. 00001515

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