Anania Shirakatsi

Anania Schirakatsi (Armenian Անանիա Շիրակացի, Ananias of Shirak also; * 610, † 685 ) was an Armenian scholar, mathematician and geographer.

He became famous for his two works of geography and cosmography Guide. He claimed that the earth is a sphere and that there was more than just heaven and earth. In the year 667 invited him Anastas, who was 661-667 Catholicos of the Armenian Church, at his official residence after Dvin. There Anania made ​​of an annual calendar of movable or religious holidays.

An Armenian University bears his name in his honor. The Armenian State Award, the Anania - Schirakatsi Medal is awarded to scientists and inventors. In 2005, the Armenian Central Bank issued a Anania - Schirakatsi Memorial coin.