Anchises (Greek Ἀγχίσης ) is a figure from Greek mythology, known as a beautiful king of Dardania near Troy, a scion of old the Trojan royal family, son of Capys and Themiste ( daughter of Ilus ) and brother of the Laocoon. He was the father of Hippodamia, the Lyros (which died childless ) and the Trojan hero Aeneas, whom he fathered with the goddess Aphrodite when she on the shape of a Phrygian Ida shepherdess ( Kythereia ) was it once appeared.

Because Zeus had let the goddess of love burn with unquenchable love for Anchises. Although this was extremely nice to have a love Aphrodite was ashamed to be a mortal, which they could not help themselves. Therefore, they forbade him away to tell others. However, in the noise he broke the ban and was therefore struck by lightning of Zeus paralyzed (and / or blinded ). Output of the Trojan War, Aeneas had it so carry on his shoulders from the burning Troy.

Virgil reported that he was much more involved that the wanderings lasted so long because he misinterpreted an oracle of Apollo, and the "old mother " of Crete held, but in reality Italy meant was. Anchises died on Aeneas ' wanderings in Drepanon in Sicily. His funeral ceremony was in the rites of the Romans - see Aeneas.