Andrea del Sarto

Andrea del Sarto, Andrea d' Agnolo di actually Francesco di Luca di Paolo del Migliore, (* July 16, 1486 in Gualfonda, Florence, † September 29, 1530 in Florence ) was a painter of the Italian Renaissance.


Del Sarto, son of the tailor Angelo di Francesco, which is why he ( German Schneider) received the surname Sarto, was a goldsmith in the doctrine, but excited by his skill at drawing the attention of a painter who taught him and then at Piero di Cosimo housed. Later del Sarto worked for a time with Franciabigio; but he formed preferably by Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Fra Bartolommeo, whose styles he sent to a private expression merged with a strong emphasis of coloring without neglecting plastic form education.

From 1509 to 1514 he painted frescoes depicting the life of Philip Benizzi, the Adoration of the Magi and the birth of Maria (main station) in the atrium and the cloister of the Servites Sant'Annunziata in Florence. For the brotherhood dello Scalzo del Sarto had around 1511 a Baptism of Christ painted in fresco gray in gray. From 1515 to 1526 he continued the cycle of the life of John the Baptist. These works are characterized by fresh naturalness, pursuit manifold characteristic skillful arrangements and groupings, harmonious coloring and graceful representation, coupled with clever drawing.


Dispute about the Trinity


Madonna with Saints and an Angel

Madonna with Child and John the Baptist

Sacrifice of Isaac