Andrea Schiavone

Andrea Schiavone (Croatian: Andrija Medulic, Italian Andrea Schiavone, Andrea actually Meldolla ( Medola ) * 1510 in Zara (today Zadar) in the province of Dalmatia (Croatia ), † 1563 in Venice) was a Venetian painter.


Schiavone came early from his home town of Zadar to Venice, where he worked in Titian, whose coloring it with the style of Francesco Mazzola, called Parmigianino, bandage. To earn his living, he had initially painted chests and furniture.

Schiavone has biblical paintings and portraits painted, but its importance lies in the fact that he was one of the first Italians who cultivated the landscape as an independent genre of painting ( a mountain and a forest landscape in the Berlin Museum ). He also has a number of sheets erased, among which are also landscapes.

Important works of the artist are in the public exhibition at the Uffizi in Florence today (2007 version).