Angelique (series)

Angelique is a historical novel series, which was written by the French writer Anne Golon. Her husband is given in the French version under the pseudonym Serge Golon as co-author.

The first novel is set in France at the time of King Louis XIV and describes the life of fictional Angelique, the beautiful and vibrant daughter of an impoverished nobleman. She lives in the country, growing in a large family. On the advice of a consultant her father, she is young, married to a unknown to her nobles, Joffrey de Peyrac they know and love learning over the next few years. Through a variety of events they split up again and again. Angelique lived through - the historical background of the French " heyday " - exciting adventures and encounters a variety of people. Ups and downs, but most of all an irrepressible will to live shape the stories.

Altogether there are thirteen in the original French building on each other novels that describe the period of Angelique's youth up to the age of about 45 years. Although associate in the form and style of popular literature, conveys the novel series but vividly life at the court of the king, the dependence of the nobles of the king and his moods, but also the general historical context. The old Paris, the situation of the colonial powers in the Mediterranean, the conquest of the American colonies and again the different Christian denominations and their occurrences are further topics of the novels.

Since the German edition of 1956 ( the first edition took place in France in 1957 ), the novels have been published in 45 countries at 320 editors with a total circulation of about 150 million copies. In 2008, the over 80 - year-old Anne Golon lasting for a decade dispute got the rights back to their history. They revised and is about to leave a last band. This and all previously published novel and first translated into an unabridged version in the German language.

Book editions

The editions of the publication from 1956

  • Anne Golon: Angélique ( Volume 1 & 2). Del Rey, 1956, ISBN 3-7645-1488-4.
  • Anne Golon: Angélique and the King ( Volume 3 ). Del Rey, ISBN 3-7645-1490-6.
  • Anne Golon: Indomitable Angélique ( Volume 4 ). Del Rey, ISBN 3-7645-1491-4.
  • Anne Golon: Angélique the rebel ( Volume 5 ). Del Rey, ISBN 3-7645-1497-3.
  • Anne Golon: Angélique and your love (Band 6). Del Rey, ISBN 3-7645-1504 -X.
  • Anne Golon: Angélique and Joffrey, Del Rey ( Volume 7 ). ISBN 3-7645-1505-8.
  • Anne Golon: Angélique and the temptation ( Volume 8 ). Del Rey, ISBN 3-7645-2091-4.
  • Anne Golon: Angélique and the demon ( Volume 9 ). Rowohlt, ISBN 3-499-14108-6.
  • Anne Golon: Angélique and the conspiracy ( Volume 10 ). Goldmann, ISBN 3-442-03883-9.
  • Anne Golon: Angélique the winner ( Volume 11 ). Goldmann, ISBN 3-442-06450-3.
  • Anne Golon: Angélique and the Hope ( Volume 12 ). Del Rey, ISBN 3-7645-1053-6.
  • Anne Golon: Angélique triumphs ( Volume 13 ). Goldmann, ISBN 3-442-09289-2.

The first two parts of the series, Angélique, Marquise des Anges and Angélique, le Chemin de Versailles were summarized in the German version into a band.

The editions of the publication from 2008

Have been published or announced:

  • Anne Golon: Angélique. The young Marquise. Del Rey, 2008, ISBN 3-7645-0290-8
  • Anne Golon: Angélique. Marriage against her will. Del Rey, 2008, ISBN 3-7645-0291-6
  • Anne Golon: Angélique. At the court of the king. Del Rey, 2008, ISBN 3-7645-0292-4
  • Anne Golon: Angélique. The Prisoner of Notre Dame. Del Rey, 2009, ISBN 3-7645-0293-2
  • Anne Golon: Angélique. In the alleys of Paris. Del Rey, 2012, ISBN 978-3-442-37703-9


After seven volumes of the series were already published, the French film discovered the adventures of the young Angélique; In 1964, the first novel under the title Angélique, des anges ( German title: Angélique ) marquise filmed in the French- German - Italian co-production.

Director Bernard Borderie decided the same time as the first film turn off the second part. Thus, in the following year merveilleuse Angélique appeared ( German title: Angélique, Part 2). A total of four of the thirteen novels were produced as films. The fourth novel was made ​​into a film in two parts, the first of which bears the title of the book and the second the title Angelique and the Sultan. The main role was played by the Frenchwoman Michèle Mercier, who has since been inextricably linked with the figure.

Based on the novels also emerged two Turkish films:

According to a release on VHS video films are included in German since 2007 in the original French version, and since 2012 also in a five-part DVD / Blu- Ray box.