Anjuta is a free, open source integrated development environment (IDE ) for the GNOME desktop. The project was initiated in 1999 by the Indian Naba Kumar, who named it after his girlfriend. It can be viewed as a counterpart to the KDE project KDevelop.

Anjuta provides inter alia:

  • Project management and build management for C and C
  • Java, JavaScript, Python and Vala are supported limited and without project management
  • Wizard to generate GTK - and Gnome applications
  • Functions, classes, structs, etc. can be viewed quickly over a symbol browser
  • Assistant for project generation
  • Automatic creation of Makefile
  • Editor with syntax highlighting, automatic code formatting and completion, by means of scintillation or since version 2.2 also means GtkSourceView widget
  • Integrated, based on the GNU Debugger, Debugger
  • Support of plug-ins
  • Building on Glade GTK GUI designer


With version 2.5.90 was released last after this number system. After that, the version numbers were adjusted to the Gnome project and appear with the next version set to 02/23/91.