Antimony tribromide

Antimony tribromide

White solid


4.15 g · cm -3

97 ° C

280 ° C

  • Decomposes in water
  • Soluble in hydrochloric acid, hydrobromic acid, acetone, benzene, chloroform

1.74 (20 ° C)


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Antimony ( III) bromide, is a chemical compound selected from the group consisting of antimony compounds and bromides.

Production and representation

Antimony ( III) bromide, can be obtained by the reaction of bromine with antimony.

Also possible is the reaction of antimony trichloride, boron tribromide.


Antimony (III ) bromide is a white, hygroscopic, non-combustible solid which decomposes in water.

In the molten state, it is a pale amber liquid. It occurs in two different crystal forms, the α - form crystallizes orthorhombic.


Antimony ( III) bromide, antimony other salts used for the preparation.