Antoine Parent

Antoine Parent ( born September 16, 1666 Paris, † September 26, 1716 ) was a French mathematician. He wrote in 1700 about three-dimensional analytic geometry. His work was published in 1713 as a collection in three volumes in Paris.

Among other things, is also the concept of shear stresses included, the enhanced Coulomb later. The triangular distribution of the tensile stress at beam deflection with the zero line in the middle of the cross section is to be present in his work.

Parent led in 1700 also the angle of friction in the mechanics of a. This is generally the slope, which may have the acting force yet, if it is to be utterly destroyed ( after Otto Dziobek, Fundamentals of Mechanics 1907).

His year of death is given in the sources with 1719 and 1726, where 1716 is likely if his birth year is 1666, because he said to have died at age 50. According Biography of 1825 (see weblink ) if the life data from 1666 to 1719, died " at age 50 ".