Anund Jacob

Anund Jacob " Kolbränna " (* beginning of the 11th century, † 1050) was King of Sweden from 1022 to 1050.

Anund was the son of King Olof III. and his wife Estrid, a Slavic princess. At his baptism, about 1007-1009 in Husaby or Skara he was named Jacob.

From 1019 he acted as co-ruler alongside his father. After his death in 1022 he became king of Sweden. From about 1030 he minted coins in Sigtuna.

In an alliance with his brother King Olav the Holy of Norway fought Anund to 1026 at Helgeå in Skåne against King Canute the Great of England and Denmark. The two lost the battle.

As Olav the Holy in 1030 returned from exile in Novgorod, he received the support Anund in the form of 400 fighters.

Anund was nicknamed " Kolbränna " (Kohler ), because he had burnt down the houses of lawbreakers.

In 1047 he granted the exiled king of Denmark Sven Estridsson refuge at his court. This later gave Adam of Bremen first reports of Sweden.

Anund Jacob was married to Gunhild ( † after 1050). He died in 1050 of natural causes. From him no children are known.

Pictures of Anund Jacob