AOL Instant Messenger

The AOL Instant Messenger ( AIM) is an application of AOL, which allows you to chat with other users.

The AIM heard next to ICQ, Yahoo Messenger and Skype 's four major proprietary instant messengers. The manager of AOL, which until 2010 also ICQ belonged, was awarded a U.S. patent for instant messaging software in September 2002.

With the AIM, it is also non- AOL customers possible both to have an AOL e - mail address, as well as to move in open AOL chat rooms. Large parts of the AOL chat rooms, however, remain exclusive to AOL members. It is also possible to communicate with ICQ users.

With the AIM User ID, it is also possible, from large corporate networks, is used internally where Lotus Sametime to communicate with AIM users through firewalls on the Internet.


When the AOL software was introduced in Germany, there was already the instant message function, which was called the telegram in Germany, and chat rooms in various sizes. Soon, this was expanded to include the Buddy List, with which one could see constantly date, what other AOL users are ( from the circle of buddies ) online. As an extension finally came the AIM function to its own free-use software that allowed for the first time, with both AOL members and AIM users who are not AOL members to use the functions described.

Functions of the AIM

An important function of AIM is the buddy list. With the buddy list, you can see if friends are online and writing them.

AIM provides the opportunity to live chat with a person to chat in private and public spaces with more people and share files (such as images, sounds and videos). The AIM Wizard notifies the user immediately when friends go online.

Features include a news and a stock ticker.

In addition, you get instant notification when a new e -mail, if you are a customer of AOL.

There are some cases Offline messages with AIM possible.


In its terms of AOL the creation and use of alternative clients to interact is explicitly prohibited with the services provided, but will take place anyway. In addition to the official client, there are other compatible AIM clients, most of which are open source software. Among these are multi-protocol client, supporting AIM next example, ICQ, IRC, XMPP, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and more. Since December 2007, you can access Google Talk on the AIM network.