IBM Sametime

Lotus Sametime is an instant messaging and conferencing software, which is part of IBM in the Lotus product family of, inter alia, Lotus Notes, is sold. Lotus Sametime is based on Lotus Expeditor. 2012, the software in IBM Sametime was renamed ( as well as other "Lotus" products are now sold under the IBM name).


Lotus Sametime is a product family that is designed for location-independent, synchronous teamwork. Some of the features are:

  • Collaborative work on documents and other objects
  • Communicate online within a workgroup
  • Information about available online participants
  • Direct exchange of text messages
  • Deployment of applications
  • Structure to audio or video communication

Sametime is a Web - and Java-based client -server architecture for the provision and organization of multi-point data conferencing, including Awareness Function ( " Who is active "). It can be integrated with Lotus Notes environments or in WebSphere. The platform provides the following capabilities in a synchronous communication over the Web, such as virtual classrooms with shared whiteboard, audio, video and chat (eg Netmeeting client).

Sametime 2.0 is working with the MeetingPlace server of Latitude Communications, which is used for conference calls. Transmission speeds of LAN connections and audio / video services can be controlled via the monitor and log functions.

In the client from Lotus Notes from version 6.5, the Sametime messaging functionality is integrated.


The jump from version 3.1 to 6.5.1 was carried out to align the version number of the Domino and Sametime servers. Since the summer of 2006, the version 7.5 is available, which offers, among other more modern user interfaces, and connect to other IM networks. Since version 7.5, Lotus Sametime is based on Lotus Expeditor.


IBM has a few pilot projects for the use of 3D - presence systems with Chat ( serious games ) in Second Life now decided to bring Lotus Sametime 3D on the market. It is not set to the proprietary Second Life, but on the open-source mapping OpenSim3D as a platform. IBM developers are actively involved in this development and the interoperability between 3D worlds. This was presented at the Lotussphere in January 2009.

Client Support

The multi - protocol client Pidgin supports default Sametime using the external libmeanwhile. Both for Kopete ( kopete Meanwhile ) as well as for Miranda IM can support Sametime will be retrofitted by a plugin (Only to ).