Apotome (mathematics)

Apotome (Greek ἀποτομή, section, segment ') has been known since the ancient Greeks in the music the Pythagorean chromatic semitone, the corresponding diatonic semitone is called Limma. The apotome is an interval with the frequency ratio

The frequency ratio thus results in the Pythagorean perfect fifths by seven successive set in relation to the fourth octave of the fundamental.

Example result in perfect fifths: C - G - d - a - e ' - h' - fis " - cis " '

The cis to generate a " ' is a apotome above the c" '. The apotome is about 14 cents higher than a semitone at gleichstufiger mood.

The apotome is a Pythagorean comma larger than the Limma. Apotome (c- cis) and Limma (cis -d) add up to a greater whole tone (cd).

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