• North America (Kansas, Texas)

The Araeoscelidia are a small group of extinct reptiles diapsider. They lived from the Upper Carboniferous to Permian, were the first Diapsiden and possibly the sister group of all later Diapsiden. Some had a euryapsiden skull and only an upper cranial window ( Araeoscelis ), but the Jugale ( cheekbone ) was furrowed.


Your outer appearance was graceful and lizards similar. The neck of some forms was extended. The skull was slightly built, short snout. The palate was rich and dentate primitive. The few sitting on the jaw edges teeth were large and cylindrical. An ear slot was not available. The tail was long, slim legs with five toes. The forelimbs were only slightly shorter than the rear legs. The animals had six to seven elongated cervical vertebrae, approximately 25 to 31 Präsacralwirbel and only two sacral vertebra. The shoulder girdle was relocated at Petrolacosaurus backwards.


  • Araeoscelis
  • Kadaliosaurus
  • Petrolacosaurus
  • Spinoaequalis, aquatic
  • Zarcasaurus