Arameiska/Syrianska Botkyrka IF

Arameiska / Syrianska Botkyrka Idrottsförening, often referred to simply as Syrianska Botkyrka IF is a Swedish football club based in the town Norsborg Botkyrka.


The club was founded in 1980 as Arameiska / Syrianska KIF as immigrants club. For a long time played the football team only unterklassig before 2001 season winner of Division 4 Stockholm Södra fünftklassigen reached the summit in the fourth league. There, the team played with straight away in the top group and qualified in 2004 as a table runner for the promotion round to the third division in which the team failed after a 0-3 defeat with a 4-1 win on away goals to Kungsörs SK. The following year was also successful in Division 3 Östra Svealand the second rank, thanks to a league reform, this meant the qualification of the new fourth-class Division 2 Östra Svealand, in which the team as a runner with two points behind Gröndals IK missing out on promotion to Division 1.

In the 2007 Arameiska / Syrianska KIF won 14 of the 22 season games and sat in Eskilstuna City FK as Season winner by. After the climb was perfect, the club adopted the name of the local community Botkyrka, with the cooperating of the club, in the club name on. In the first third league season the team finished in eighth place in the standings, but the following season they finished as bottom club to relegation zone and got together with Carlstad United BK and Östersund FK in the fourth league from.