Swedish Football Division 2

The Division 2, also called Supertvåan, is the fourth- highest division in Swedish football Lord.

It consists of six individual regional leagues whose champions move up to the Division 1. Under it, the Division 3, which consists of twelve regional leagues is.


The name of Division 2 has been around since 1925, however, the importance of the game class differed significantly. From the official introduction from 1928 to 1986 was the league, as well as the name suggests, the second- highest division directly under the first division Fotbollsallsvenskan, also named Division 1. For the 1987 season, the system was changed. The Division 2 so far has been renamed to Division 1. But the name stuck through a newly established division made ​​that there was only the third highest now.

In 2000, the two leagues in the league Division 1 were merged to Superettan. The Division 2 remained unaffected, although now no longer existed Division 1.

The newly established system required by the Masters Division 2, to play in a qualifying round to the rise of places in the Superettan. This was considered by many to be unhappy because of a championship usually results in a rise in the next higher division. Therefore, a new Division 1 was introduced with two regional leagues of 14 teams between Division 2 and the Superettan. This regulation comes first time in 2006 on the application. The Division 2, making it only the fourth- highest division in Sweden.

The Masters Division 2 now climb directly to Division 1. The positions 12 to 14 of both leagues in Division 1 will be relegated to the new Division 2.

Current league division

The teams in the Division 2 share in the 2011 as follows among the individual scales.

  • Anundsjö IF
  • Hudiksvalls ABK
  • IF Älgarna
  • Härnösands FF
  • Junsele IF
  • Mariehem SK
  • Morön BK
  • Piteå IF
  • Skellefteå FF
  • Sollefteå GIF
  • Umedalens IF
  • Östersund FK
  • BKV Norrtälje
  • Enköpings SK
  • Falu FK
  • Gamla Upsala SK
  • Kvarnsvedens IK
  • Rotebro IS
  • Sandvikens IF
  • Skiljebo SK
  • Sollentuna United
  • Spårvägens FF
  • Strömsbergs IF
  • Västerås IK
  • Arameiska / Syrianska Botkyrka IF
  • Assyriska Föreningen Norrköping
  • BK Kenty
  • Enskede IK
  • Eskilstuna City FK
  • FC Gute
  • FOC Farsta
  • Konyaspor KIF
  • Nyköpings BIS
  • Smedby AIS
  • Värmbols FC
  • Värmdö IF
  • BK Olympic
  • GIF Nike
  • Högaborgs BK
  • Höllvikens GIF
  • IFK Klagshamn
  • Karlskrona AIF
  • Kvarnby IK
  • Lindsdals IF
  • Ljungby IF
  • Ramlösa Södra FF
  • Sölvesborgs GoIF
  • VMA IK