Lindome GIF

Lindome GIF is a Swedish sports club from Lindome in the municipality of Mölndal.


Lindome GIF created in 1928 as a fusion of club Lindome JUF, Anderstorps IF and IF Stationens. The football team of the club played a long time only unterklassig, in the 1970s and 1980s succeeded several times for a short time the jump in the Viertklassigkeit.

2003 succeeded as master of the fifth rate Division 4 Göteborg B of the renewed rise in the fourth league. There succeeded with 14 wins in 22 games this season, the direct walkover into the third-class Division 2 Mellersta Götaland. Ranking third, the team qualified for the new Division 1 In the Südstaffel she finished at the end of the 2006, only the relegation zone, but could accomplish as a relay winner in the fourth division before Varberg BoIS the direct return. However, the club could not establish long-term in the third division, and went in 2009 as a Table again from.