Bodens BK

Soil Bandyklubb, often abbreviated as BK soil or BBK, is a sports club based in the Swedish town of soil. Several departments and members of the company founded in 1916 clubs could make national attention. BBK is the northernmost club that was active depending on Swedish professional football. Abode is the stadium Björknäsvallen, which offers 8,000 spectators.


Ten years after the founding of the football team of BBK in the Norrländska Mästerskapet could draw attention to itself and repeatedly win the title. However, North Swedish teams at the time were excluded from the total Swedish Championship, so that, while with eight tracks record winner of the competition was, however, no higher-class national merits were reachable. Following the lifting of the ban, the club was a member from 1954, the second highest Swedish league. Only just scraped the team in third place by two points behind Lycksele IF in the qualification to the rise playing for Allsvenskan. The following year it was even closer, a point behind leaders GIF Sundsvall meant at the end of fourth. In the following season however, were unable to build on the successful years and as a table next to last of the club came their way back to the third division. The association tried and failed to re- climb and was able to secure in the midfield position. In the second year after back in the Bundesliga with fourth place in the league, but again in the third year of the crash followed in the third division.

In 1967 the team of BBK the repeated return to the House. 14 points were too few to remain in the league. After two years in the third division succeeded for the season 1971 the rise again. With only two wins and three draws, however, you had to acknowledge in Norrbotten, that the performance of the team was not sufficient. After the team in 1973 even crashed into the Viertklassigkeit, it developed in the following years to a lift team between the third and fourth level.

2002 BBK achieved the championship title of the third-tier Division 2 Norrland and the club managed to qualify for Superettan. Again, the class could be held only three years before the club again returned to the third tier at the end of the 2005. 2008 BBK as Table dismounted from the third-tier Division 1 Norra.


In 1956, the ice hockey team promotion to the second highest league in Sweden. By 1976, the team played under the name of BBK in this league. It was then established with the Hockey Department of Svartbjörnsbyns IF a lottery syndicate, which took the name BBK / Bjorn. The Community broke up in 1980 and they came back on their own. The end of 1986, the department separated from the main club and traded as soil IK. 2005, the club was forced to declare bankruptcy.

Notable people

The cross-country skier Sven Utterström was a member of the association. He was world champion in 1930 at the Nordic World Ski Championships and won at the 1932 Olympic Games gold medal.