Gunnilse IS

Gunnilse Idrottssällskap is a Swedish football club based in the Gothenburg district Angered. The team of the club played in the 1990s in the Swedish second league.


Gunnilse IS founded on 16 September 1950. Initially the crew of club played unterklassig before the end of the season in 1982 for the first time managed to carve out a season winner of Division 4 Göteborg A in the third division. Here she sat down directly in front area fixed and missed 1985 with a point behind Skövde AIK as runner- offs for promotion to the second division. With the same result, the club survived in the following league reform on the third level of play. In the now streamlined third league the team played in the first year against relegation, in the subsequent season but again lacked only a few points for promotion to the second division. This was achieved in the season 1989 was referenced with only four season defeats Tidaholms GIF and local rivals Holmalunds IF the courts.

In the second division Gunnilse IS first played against relegation and took refuge in the first two years only slightly: in the first season by a single point on the space occupied by Mjallby AIF highest relegation zone, in the following year the same number of points a competitor Jonsered IF was only overtaken on goal difference. In the third year the club missed five points behind in second as behind BK Hacken in the spring series made ​​it into the Allsvenskan, otherwise it occupied in the years to places in the middle of the league. 1995 saw the youth team for a stir when she won both the Swedish Junior Championship and the Gothia Cup. In 1997 the association was again briefly before the rise in the Allsvenskan, this time the goal difference decided to the detriment of the team and was third in the table behind Västra Frölunda IF and the same number of points BK Hacken. The team was unable to build on the successes in the sequence, however, qualified as a table sixth in the Südstaffel for the newly introduced single-track Superettan. There, the level of play proved too high, and as Tabellelnletzter the club rose along with Åtvidabergs FF and Panos Ljungskile SK in the third division from.

Ranking third behind Panos Ljungskile SK and Ytterby IS Gunnilse IS missed the direct resurgence. Also in the following years get seats in the front, until, at a league table reform in 2005 as the ninth to date third-rate Västra Götaland Division 2 was missed relegation. As a result, the club established on the fourth league level.

Famous people

  • Walid Atta, career beginning at Gunnilse IS, later double winners with AIK
  • Jeffrey Aubynn, career beginning at Gunnilse IS, later Swedish national team
  • Bo Börjesson, career beginning at Gunnilse IS, later Swedish national team
  • Risto Kallaste, second division players at Gunnilse IS, Estonian national team
  • Jozo Matovac, career beginning at Gunnilse IS, later Swedish national player and coach at Gunnilse IS
  • Lennart Ottordahl, career beginning at Gunnilse IS, later longtime Allsvenskan player