Jonsereds IF

Jonsered IF is a Swedish sports club from Jonsered in the congregation Partille. The football team of the club played several years second-rate. Currently, they compete in the Division 2 Västra Götaland fourth-rate.


Jonsered IF was founded on May 2, 1923. It was created as an association of Jonsered GoIF and Bokedalens IF. The football team of the fusion club came in 1924 in the first season of the unofficial second-rate Västsvenska series, in which only just missed the rise in the Allsvenskan as table runners-up IFK Uddevalla. In the following years, JIF held in the front area before in the season 1928/29, the officially established Division jumped out 2 nurmehr the last place in the standings. After three years in the third division the team benefited from an increase in the second division and was able to return in third place.

Jonsered IF missed as runner-up behind Krokslätts FF from Mölndal only just march through the Upper House. Initially, the team was able to establish a frontrunner in the table space. 1938 became the club in danger of relegation, but was able to keep the class in front of the losers Alingsås IF and Karlstad BIK. Two years later the league was missed last but one before IF Örnen.

In the third division Jonsered played for the resurgence. Several times it succeeded the team victory of the season in Division 3 Södra Västsvenska, in the rise of games failed JIF but regularly. Only when there was a direct climbers from the season 1947/48, the club was able to return to the second division league first. After two years, the club missed again in the league and had together with IK Sleipner, the champion in 1938, relegated to the third division. But even there, the team could not long hold, and in 1952 was the crash in the fourth league.

1956 succeeded Jonsered IF the return to the third division that succeeded against BK Hacken and Billingsfors IK with the victory of the new season promotion to Division 2. After re- direct descent is held the team for several years in the third division. The decline in 1965 was followed by the re-emergence in 1967. Simply point, however, the team suffered relegation straight back.

1973 Jonsered managed once again to return to the third tier. There, the team succeeded with eight points ahead of runner- Holmalunds IF the relay victory. However, in the promotion round she missed the return to the second division. As Table you had to defer IFK Hässleholm and Jönköping Södra IF. In the third division, the club could then hold until relegation in 1977, but managed its chances of promotion. Again, surprised the Movers and settled again into the promotion round. How 1973 JIF fail there as a last and BK Forward and Karlstad BK welcomed the riders. In the following years the club played constantly around the rise. 1985 once again made the relay victory, in a duel with Skellefteå AIK you missed again the resurgence.

After the first table could ascend directly after a league reform in 1986, Jonsered 1988 IF benefited from this scheme. In the second division the team played against relegation, which had to be accepted in 1991. According to the Direct resurgence JIF occupied in 1994 only one relegation place. After a win against Husqvarna FF, the club failed in the second round by Norrby IF from Borås and had to descend again. After years in the middle of the third division to JIF was in 1998 here on a relegation place again. In the duel against Ljungby IF you drew the short straw and had to go to the fourth league. There they played for the resurgence. This succeeded in 2002 and then played mediocre JIF to 2004. In 2005, the club qualified for the newly created fourth-rate Division 2

Known player

  • Torbjörn Nilsson, Swedish national team, Bundesliga player
  • Reino Börjesson, Swedish national team, runners-up in 1958
  • Erik Börjesson, Swedish national team