IFK Uddevalla

Idrottsföreningen Kamraterna Uddevalla, usually abbreviated as IFK Uddevalla, is a Swedish football club based in Uddevalla. The club is the oldest active club in the Landskap Bohuslän. The team played two seasons in the Allsvenskan, however, is only siebtklassig since the season of 2008.


IFK Uddevalla was founded on 14 May 1905. 1924 missed the club to qualify for the Allsvenskan and entered only in the second division. There, however, succeeded to the titles and the club took part in the uprising play. There, the team placed after a 3-0 home win and a 0-0 draw against IS Halmia by and ascended to the first division. As Table Tenth was with two points ahead of relegated IFK Malmö in the first season, the class can be obtained without them entering the second year of Erstligazugehörigkeit only two wins this season and with just eight points from 22 games of the season was the team's Table and rose again from the House of Lords.

1928 relegated only runner was in his second league season and had Redbergslids IK precedence allow the rise games. After all, IFK Uddevalla thus qualified for the reformed second division, in 1928, the number of seasons was reduced to two. In a balanced season the club had at the end of the season in fifth last only one point more than the same number of points placed behind him four teams, they managed to avoid relegation. In the following season, but the team finished behind with only three season successes and two draws - and the resulting eight points - the last place and was relegated to the third- highest division.

Succeeded in 1932 after two seasons in the third division of the re-emergence on the second highest Swedish game level where you ended the following season as a fourth table. The season 1933/34 was marked by a three-way battle for the lead. In the end, Fässbergs IF prevailed thanks to the better Torquotienten, the tied IFK Uddevalla and Gårda BK had left behind. The following year, however, the disillusionment, IFK Uddevalla followed had to play the new gear in the low ranks last but one. There was again a close battle for the qualifying spot for the promotion of games and IFK drew the short straw again: with the same number of points team Tidaholms GIF, which had the better goal difference, had again the competition ahead. In the following years midfield places in the Västsvenska series only could be occupied, until 1942 managed the championship and after wins against IFK Åmål return to the second division.

IFK Uddevalla also returned as a table sixth in the second division. In the season 1943/44, the team played again with the front, but in the end had six points behind fourth season winner Billingsfors IK, which, however, failed in the rise of games. Then it went downhill again, but was two points ahead of relegated IFK Trollhättan the class is held. Succeeded in 1947 nor the third place in the standings, the following season can be considered as one of the blackest of the club's history. Without a single win and with only one point, the team adopted in 1948 by the second division and was passed the following year, even in the fourth league.

For a long time played IFK Uddevalla only viertklassig, 1962, succeeded as a relay winners return to the third tier. As a Third to last, however, the league has been missed and thus sealed the direct re- descent. There, the team narrowly escaped relegation again. From the following season, the club established itself in the front of the table, and in 1966 succeeded the championship again and thus the resurgence. This time the class was maintained until 1969, before they had to descend again. However, managed the immediate resurgence and the team was able to establish itself in the league. 1979 IFK Uddevalla was Season winner and participated in the rise playing for second division. There you failed but without point win at the climbers Karlskrona AIF and IFK Kristianstad. In 1981, the club rose again from the fourth league. Once again we had the worse case of equal points and goal difference IF Warta could hold the class.

1983 succeeded IFK Uddevalla as a relay winners return to the third tier, but suffered as Table immediate relegated again. In 1986, the team was even demoted during a league reform in the fifth division. 1988 managed to return in the fourth division and as a sovereign master has even been a walkover in the third division. As vice- champion of the Spring Cup, the team was able to qualify for the 1991 ascent to the second league games in the fall. There, the team was one point behind IFK Hässleholm again only runner-up and failed in the subsequent relegation matches with 1:3 - 0:4 and defeats clearly Hertzöga BK. In the following year, the team was only runner-up, but could not make the play-offs more successful. Having been turned off in the first round Enköpings SK, the team continued with two wins against Melleruds IF are also in the second round by and celebrated the return to the second division.

45 years after relegation in 1948 and five years after they had to play yet fünftklassig, IFK Uddevalla was playing in the second division. However, the League was too strong for the club. In the end, only the third- last place in the standings jumped out, the club was relegated again directly. On the last non- relegation missing at the end of two points.

The relegation was indeed in his third league season in third place, on the master and direct climber Skövde AIK, however, were missing at the end of eleven points, the runner- Norrby, who competed in the relegation, nine points. After one could still be twice placed in mid-table, had the team in 1997 to accept the renewed decline in the fourth division and was passed again in the fifth league the following season. In the following years, the club established itself as a lift team between the fourth and fifth level of play. The direct re- ascents followed the immediate relegation back to the fifth division. 2001 then jumped out only the fifth place in the fifth league in 2002 but succeeded in re- ascent. However, it again went immediately back in five league and the league reform of 2005, the team was only incorporated into the sixth level of play. At the end of the 2007 season, the descent was in the seventh- highest division.