Norrby IF

Norrby IF is a Swedish football club based in Norrby, a district of Borås. The team entered a season in the Allsvenskan, but is currently playing only mediocre.


The club was founded on 27 April 1927 as Norrbygärde IF. 1940 emerged the first team in the third division, where she was able to establish in the sequence in the middle part of the table. In 1949 it was renamed into the current name. With this same by far succeeded in Season victory and promotion to the second division.

Quickly Norrby IF could establish itself in the second division in the front area. 1955 succeeded against IFK Malmö and local rivals IF Elfsborg in the championship of the season Götaland and hence the rise in the Allsvenskan. Three wins and six draws, however, were not enough for the league in the Swedish Elite Series. With three points behind Västerås SK the immediate re descent had to be accepted.

Until the early 1960s Norrby IF was regularly in the top group of the second division, but could not land on a promotion place. In 1964 a third of the Last due to goal difference in comparison with the same number of points competitors Varberg BoIS the crash in the third division. In 1967, the team was able to return to the second division earn, until 1971 the team moved regularly between the leagues. By 1975, the team missed out on a regular basis despite good rankings to climb, which was managed thanks to the better goal in the rise of games against the tied Råå IF and Hässleholms IF.

This time, sat down Norrby IF in the second division established in 1978 and failed the team just behind IS Halmia in the promotion race. The club from Halmstad recorded a loss less and could thus two points clear out play. The good season followed the crash: With two points behind the club GAIS from Borås adopted again as a table tenth of the second division. 1981 was Norrby IF shortly before the return to the second division. As Season winner, the team took part in the rise of games. There, however, it failed in the first round after a 1-1 draw in its own place with a goalless draw in the return leg on the away goals rule. Two years later, the club made ​​it better: in a penalty shootout, the team won against Spånga IS and was again second-rate.

Twice Norrby IF was able to place in mid-table. In the third year of the second division affiliation but only jumped out of the eleventh in the standings, the club got off again. In 1988, the team found also in the third division in a relegation battle again, but managed with one point ahead of relegated Varberg BoIS the league. After the team had played back in the forward area of ​​the league in 1994 managed to return to the second division. In the first round IFK Malmö has been turned off, then followed by a 2-0 win and a 2-2 draw against Jonsered IF.

As Tabellenelfte the second division Norrby IF had in the play-offs. There they lost to a 2-2 draw on foreign court 's home game with 1-2 against Motala AIF and was again only mediocre. However, as a squadron winners managed an immediate return. A tenth place followed in 1998 the eleventh. So the team had to play again in the relegation games. Again, a draw in the first leg was followed by a defeat in the second leg, and thus the club Myresjö IF had to leave in the second round, but where those also failed the first. Norrby IF Thus, adopted by the second class.

In the third league victory of the season, thus qualifying to the rise of games managed. With five points, but only the second place was occupied behind Ljungby IF and thus missed the direct re- ascent. In 2002 the crash in the Viertklassigkeit, but the team managed the immediate resurgence. As a runner with a point behind Husqvarna FF the Movers missed the direct walkover in the second division. A year later succeeded as runners-up behind Jönköping Södra IF the qualification for the reformed third league from which the team in 2008 as Tabellenvorletzte descent into Division 2. With 14 wins in 22 games she managed the immediate resurgence.

Known player

  • Reino Börjesson
  • Göran Hernström
  • Åke Gustafsson