Motala AIF

Motala Allmänna Idrotts Förening is a Swedish sports club from Motala. The club is best known for its football team, which played a season in the Allsvenskan.


Motala AIF was founded on August 29, 1907. The 1908 football team stepped created in 1928 for the first time in appearance, as they in the Division 3 runner-up was directly promoted and just barely missed the walkover in the second division. A year later, the team was winning season, but failed in the rise of games at Kalmar AIK.

1932 benefited Motala AIF from an expansion of the second division in four seasons. As a runner-up behind Åtvidabergs IF the rise could be celebrated in the second division. However, the stay in the second division lasted only two years before in 1934 with only ten points of the re- descent could not be avoided. In 1937 the club was the third league championship win and returned to the second division. There, however, could hold only two years in turn.

Motala AIF could establish Although the front of the table, but missed the championship regularly. 1943 succeeded the relay victory, however, failed to Jönköping Södra IF in the rise of games. 1947 the team missed qualifying for the new third division, the included instead of 17 only four seasons.

1950 Motala AIF managed to return to the third tier, which followed there in the relay Östra the title. Thus, the direct walkover succeeded in the second division. This time, the team was able to establish itself in the second division in 1953 and succeeded there already the third place in the standings. 1957 succeeded the relay victory, and that the team could compete in the rise playing for Allsvenskan against Örgryte IS. With a 3:4 away win and a 4-0 success on their own place, she managed to move up to the Swedish Elite Series.

In the Allsvenskan Motala AIF finished with six season wins and seven draws and the resulting 19 points, just cut off the last place. In the second division, the team was able to place only in the middle and 1963 it rose from the third league. It took until 1975 before she could qualify as a relay winners for the ascent games. As a second behind Västerås SK, the rise could be made perfect. With two points behind Råå IF, however, the club missed out on third from bottom in the league. The dream of a direct re-emergence was slowed only in the rise of games as devoid of points behind IK Brage, BK Hacken and Degerfors IF was only the last place occupied. Also in 1979 missed the team as a third party without a goal behind BK Forward and Karlstad BK in the rise of playing the resurgence.

1980 rose Molata AIF after a tight battle against relegation from the third division from. The season was finished equal on points with Malmslätts AIK, who had scored more goals with the same goal difference. Without a defeat, the club managed to direct resurgence.

1988 won the championship in the Motala AIF Season Division 2 Mellersta and thus returned to the second division. But in 1992, the team got off again and in third place of the direct re-emergence has been missed. In 1995, the club finished the season in second place and thus qualified again for the ascent games for Division 1 There was initially turned off Norrby IF before after a 2-2 draw on foreign court and a 1-1 draw at home to IFK Trelleborg has been done perfectly in the second division because of the away goals rule the rise.

In the summary of the second division in 1999, Motala AIF could not qualify for the single-track Superettan and dismounted in the third-class Division 2. There, the squadron was brought victory and after BK Forward was beaten in the rise of games, managed to direct the return to the second division. However one rose as Table directly from again. Followed in 2003 by the crash in the Viertklassigkeit. 2007 was the team champion of Division 2 Mellersta Götaland and thus returned to the third division. Here, however, she stayed only two years, but the descent was followed by the direct re- ascent.

Known player

  • Mikael Rosén