Karlstad BK

Karlstad BK is a Swedish sports club from Karlstad in Värmland. The football team of the club has played 33 seasons in the second division in Sweden and currently compete in Division 3 Västra Svealand of fünftklassigen.


Between the second and third League

The Karlstad BK was founded on 19 October 1923 as a merger of the football departments of Karlstad Idrottsklubb ( KIK ) and IF Göta. In the introduction of single league system in Sweden, the team came in the time of his third-rate Divisison 3 Nordvästra from which they ascended as Season 2 winner Västra in the division in 1936. In the same year, the club merged with the remaining Karlstads IK and entered from then on as Karlstads BIK what the nickname " cubic " meant.

After two years in the second division from the club rose again. In the third division, he played for the resurgence. This succeeded in 1941, but the team missed the league. 1944 managed to return again, this time to established the team in the second division. 1948 succeeded behind the Örebro SK the runner-up, the rise in the Allsvenskan was missed with the same goal difference by one point. Four years later, the best to date placement in the club's history was repeated, this time was the distance to the Season winners AIK, who won 15 of 18 league games, twelve points.

The success was followed by the crash, the club rose in the following year as a table Penultimate together with IF Viken from Amal in the third class 3 Västra Svealand Divisison from. The team was able to Mitabstieger and Billingsfors IK distance and climbed right back on as the season winner. First, they placed themselves in the midfield before 1957 as Table decency again a change leagues. Again, tried and failed to resurgence, the 1963 again followed one season in the third division. Subsequently, the club played six years in the second division.

In 1969, the club rose again from the third league. In the same year, the club merged with Karlstads FF and gave himself the present name. The descent was followed by the immediate re- ascent, but after the class could not be maintained. The team has established itself at the front of the Divisison 3 Västra Svealand. 1976 succeeded the relay victory, but in the rise of games the team failed behind Alvesta GoIF and Vasalunds IF. After two third places in subsequent years succeeded in 1979, the jump to the second division, as they Jonsered AIF and IF could be in the promotion round behind Motala. Again lasted stay in the second division only three years, but in 1985 managed to return.

Crash in the lower leagues

In 1989, Karlstad BK again from out of the second division. In the season 1990, the team finished in the third-class Division 2 Västra only the relegation zone and thus had to compete for the first time viertklassig in the club's history. As Season winner ahead of local rivals Norrstrands IF results in the direct return to the third tier. Here she held in the following years, playing mainly against relegation. In 1996, with the fourth place with nine points behind the Season winner and second-division promoted Assyriska Föreningen a moderate success. After a fifth place in the following season, the club finished at the end of the 1998 again only a relegation place. In the fourth division Division 3 Västra Svealand he took even a relegation place and slid due to a league reform due to the introduction of the Superettan in the Sechstklassigkeit from.

In the sechstklassigen Division 4 Värmland Karlstad BK missed in the first year in third place in the rise of the fifth division. In the following years the team played against a fall in the seventh league, but established himself in the following years in the central region of the League. In the season 2007, the team won 17 of their 22 season games and rose as a relay winners at the Division 3 Västra Svealand, was missed in the second table as the direct walkover in the Viertklassigkeit.