Kinna IF

Kinna IF is a Swedish football club based in Kinna. The club played several seasons in the second division in Sweden.


The football team of Kinna IF occurred in 1934 for the first time nationally in appearance than the promotion to the third division. Four years later, won the club in Division 3 Norra Västsvenska with seven points ahead Trollhättans IF the relay victory in the promotion round but Varberg BoIS prevailed. As a result, the team established in the front league field, when re- season victory in 1940, the club failed to Lundby IF. First, in the subsequent years, even in the promotion race here, she slipped into the following seasons and missed the 1946 league.

After the re-emergence in 1953 Kinna IF managed direct walkover in the second division. There SiOH established the team in the rear table -level, reaching in the season in 1957/58 than in sixth best result the club's history to date. As Tabellenelfter the team missed the following year in the league and got together with Varberg BoIS and IS Halmia to the third tier from. After two years in the mid- league field, she returned with two points ahead of Jonsered IF back to the second division.

With only three wins this season Kinna IF went straight off again. Again, the club finished first only a place in the middle of the third division. 1965 behind Alingsås IF and a year later behind Göteborg AIK missed the club as a table runner only just the resurgence. After a sixth place in 1968 succeeded the relay victory, stay in the second division again lasted only one season. In the following years the club slipped from the second half of the 1970s joined the team in the Viertklassigkeit to.

1986 Kinna IF was the victim of a league reform and came under renewed in the fourth division. Here, the team played in the middle league field before they descent into Fünftklassigkeit 1992. After two years, managed to rise again, and in the following years she stayed in the promotion battle. According to an eighth place in the standings in 1999, she took in the following season again into the relegation zone. After the immediate resurgence followed two years later to return to the third division. There, the club finished last non- relegation spot in the 2004, before he once again fell victim to a league reform in the subsequent season. In the following years she stayed in the fourth division.