Lindsdals IF

Lindsdals Idrottsföreningen is a Swedish football club based in Kalmar. The club is known for its women's soccer team, which took two seasons in the Damallsvenskan.


Lindsdals IF founded on July 26, 1926. During the 1970s and 1980s, the men's team of the club played several times on the third level of play, but could not establish themselves in the longer term. The women's soccer team rose to the end of 1991 for the first time in the Damallsvenskan. There she played in the season 1992 in the rear middle of the league, but could GAIS, Djurgårdens IF Sundsvall and DFF behind and manage the league. The following season, succeeds only two wins this season, so the club was relegated together with climbers Mallbackens IF. As a result, the team adopted the higher-class football.

After the men's team of Lindsdals IF long time had only played in unterklassigen regional area, she made at the end of the season 2001 the leap into the Viertklassigkeit. There they played against relegation, which was not prevented in 2005. After the immediate resurgence in 2007 she won the relegation place, but managed to keep in the league. Two years later, the club finished third, but had 17 points off season winner and Movers Lunds BK. In parallel, held the women's team of the club in the third division.