Sundsvalls DFF

DFF Sundsvall is a Swedish women's football club from Sundsvall. The team played two seasons in the Damallsvenskan.


Sundsvall DFF was created in 1984 as a spin-off from GIF Sundsvall. When assigned foundation of Damallsvenskan as the highest Swedish league of the second division, the team managed to end 1990 promotion to the first division. In the season of 1991 placed before Mariestads BoIS and BK Astrio on the last non relegation, it passed in the following season only to last place.

After descending to Sundsvall DFF initially held in the second division, but in 2001 grew without victory of the season in the third division from. After two seasons in the mid table area the team in 2004 won their season after 16 wins in 18 games this season with three points ahead of IF Hudik team and returned to the second division. There they placed initially in the upper middle, but had to climb rank each significant residue. Towards the end of the decade, she slid from the table, holding on but above the relegation zone.

In the 2013 season Sundsvall was one of the founding members of the sub-prime Elitettan, but increased at the end of the season as Table from.

Known players

  • Renae Cuellar (Mexican national team )