Architectural style

Sub-architecture style, even style, meant a regionally or internationally significant style and art style in architecture. It is typical for an architect, a school of architecture or a historical era formal idiom.

The most important classification of architectural styles commonly occurs after periods and is closely related to other styles in art, in art history, for example, the furniture styles.

As manifest in the styles of architecture in the sum of individual structures and theories, a categorization is often possible only in retrospect. Therefore, the most important architecture styles of architectural history in the article history of architecture are summarized.

In addition, the so-called second style of Roman wall painting is also known as architectural or illusion style.

Summary of significant styles

Middle Ages

  • Romanesque (1000-1250)
  • Gothic (1250-1520)

Modern Times

  • Renaissance (1510-1620)
  • Baroque / Rococo (1600-1770)
  • Classicism (1770-1830)

19th century

  • Historicism (1830-1900)
  • Art Nouveau (1890-1910)

20th century

  • Homeland Security Architecture
  • Stuttgart School "First" Stuttgart School (1918-1945)
  • "Second" Stuttgart School ( after 1945 )