ArgeÈ™ River

The Arges in Romania

The Arges ( German Argesch ) is a left tributary of the Danube in Romania.

It rises in the Fagaras Mountains ( Southern Carpathians ) and flows south through Curtea de Arges ( German Argisch ), Pitesti, Găeşti, Domneşti, Budeşti and flows into the Danube Olteniţa. Shortly after the headwaters of the river is dammed ( Reservoir Vidraru ). The river has a length of 327 km, a catchment area of ​​12,590 km ² and (short of its confluence with the Danube ) a water flow of 73 m³ / s


View on the old river bed of the Arges, from the Vidraru Dam

Battle of the Argesch (1916 )