Arie Vermeer

Arie Vermeer ( * July 17, 1922, † December 16, 2013 ) was a Dutch footballer who was active for the club Excelsior Rotterdam from the district Kralingen in the top division. With the Dutch national team in 1946, he completed an international match.


Arie Vermeer, one of six children of the family, began his career as a street footballer. The young Kralinger already had to contribute as a 14- year-old to the family income and had in addition to his work in a butcher's no time to join a club. It was not until the age of 18 he became a member of Excelsior, where he gave his debut in 1942 in the first team. In midfield agierend he was one of the guarantors of the climbs in the Eerste class, then the highest league in the Netherlands, in 1946 and 1952. Overall Vermeer played 14 years in the first team Excelsior, of which the last two years after the introduction of professional football 1954 as a semi-professional. In 1956 he ended his active career because he wanted to devote himself to his own butcher shop.


Arie Vermeer is one of four Excelsior players who have brought it to a vocation in the Dutch national team. Its only use as a center half in the Orange jersey was the friendly against England on 27 November 1946. It was the fourth international match of the Dutch after the Second World War and the second overall against the senior team of the English. Of the veterans from before the war, only team captain and striker Bas Paauwe Kick Smit were in the team. The Friendly Match at Leeds Road in Huddersfield won the hosts 8-2. Vermeer played in this match not a center half in the meaning of the WM system, but on this position an offensive " playmakers " so that he was not responsible for the coverage of the opposing center-forward Tommy Lawton. Lawton distinguished himself as a four- time scorer for England; the two Dutch scorers were Smit and co Bergman. With the next match against Belgium under new coach Jesse Carver, the Oranje took the WM system and won 2-1 - Vermeer thing was no longer involved, the new task as a " stopper " took over with the back number five Hennie Möring from SC Enschede.

After the active career

Vermeer conducted many years his own butcher shop. He remained a sideline, Excelsior faithful and played until his 57th year in the old boys' team of the club. His plan to stay active in the team until his 60th birthday, was thwarted by an injury.