Arikancharora (about the first post-Christian century) is a person who appears in the temple of Amun at Naqa behind King Natakamani and Amanitore. He is also in the Temple of Amun M 260 is in Meroe, where Natakamani built. It is perhaps also mentioned in a temple at Barkal Mountain, but his name is partially destroyed there.

The name of Arikancharora is written like a king in a cartridge and it performs like a king a second, written in a cartouche second name: Anchkare. Nevertheless, he should not have been a reigning king, because it lacks other royal attributes and he is always mentioned together with Natakamani, who ruled as king with safety. In Arikancharora therefore, it may have been only a prince or general who like Akinidad had the honor to write his name in a cartouche.

Arikancharora was buried in the pyramid Beg N5 in Meroe. The pyramid chapel is well preserved and richly decorated with various representations and texts. There was also a sacrificial board on which was his mother's name, which is, however, obtained only in residues: l ...

Stele of Arikancharora