arXiv (called " The Archive ") is a document repository for preprints in physics, mathematics, computer science and biology. ArXiv is pronounced as " archive" (English), where X stands for the Greek χ.


Even before the advent of the World Wide Web began in 1991 Paul Ginsparg at the Los Alamos National Laboratory ( LANL ) the archiving of physics articles. His server should serve physicists to quickly share preprints. The other disciplines were added gradually. Within the next 10 years, developed into a busy platform with about 3,000 newly uploaded documents and four million hits a month ( as of 2002). At present, the archive is operated at Cornell University and mirrored worldwide.

As usual - - ​​Excellent in a journal, with the Fields Medal in 2006, the mathematician Grigori Perelman to prove the Poincaré conjecture, which was published only on the server arXiv, and was not. However, Perelman refused to accept the award.

3 August 2008 reached the mark of 500,000 items. By 2012, the rate of the documents filed rose to over 7000 per month.

Due to the speed of the Internet media publications are increasingly read online at arXiv place in the relevant print publications.


Publications are accepted without peer review and archiving. Since 2004, however, the placing articles on the system is only possible if it is approved by an established author ( endorsement ) or if a computer a trusted domain will be used. This hurdle was necessary to avoid spam or gross violations of the rules of scientific publishing. The maintenance costs for arXiv ask for the Cornell University Library due to budget cuts a burden dar. Therefore she asked in January 2010 such bodies whose researchers extensively arXiv download documents to voluntary financial support. Nevertheless, this concept does not change the application of the Open Access principle: readers and writers can continue to use the documents stored on arXiv free.