Asaka, Uzbekistan

Asaka ( Асака ) ( usbek. )

Asaka ( in Russian or Cyrillic spelling Асака ) is a county-level city in the Uzbek part of the Ferghanatales in the province of Andijon Andijon near the provincial capital. The population is, according to a calculation for the year 2009 60.537 inhabitants, the census in 1989 showed 43,000 residents Asaka is the main town of the district Asaka.

In addition, the Asaka automobile production is also operated under state custody. So here there are the joint venture Uz - DaewooAvto and GM Uzbekistan. In parallel, other companies were built to parts production.

In the communist era, the town was from 1924 to 1937 the name Selensk and was named after the Soviet politician Isaac Selenski. When he fell out of favor, it was renamed in the same year in Leninsk and retained this name until 1991, when the return was naming in Asaka.