Andijan Province

The Uzbek Andijan province lies to the east of the Ferghanatals. The province is about 4200 km ² and has 2,400,146 inhabitants. This corresponds to approximately 571 inhabitants per square kilometer, making it the highest population density in Uzbekistan.

Administrative divisions

The province is divided into 14 districts ( tuman ). Capital is Andijon. The cities of Andijon, Asaka, Xonobod, Shahrixon and are Qorasuv province immediately.

Raw materials and economic

Andijon is rich in resources such as petroleum, natural gas, ozokerite and limestone. An estimated because of their special sweetness cultivation products are various melon types, but these are dependent on artificial irrigation. Furthermore, cotton, grain, wine and vegetable - growing and cattle breeding are operated.

In Andijon be moved industrial companies devote themselves to metal processing, chemical industry, light industry and food industry. The first automobile assembly plant in Central Asia, the Uzbek- Korean joint venture Uz - DaewooAvto, has its headquarters in Asaka.

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