Assumption Island

Assomption (also under the English spelling Assumption or Assumption Iceland known) is a small island in the Indian Ocean, north of Madagascar, the island belongs to the Republic of Seychelles. The coral island is about 7 kilometers long and 11.07 square kilometers. Two large sand dunes, one of them 32 meters high, shaped the island.

The island is located about 30 kilometers southeast of the Aldabra Atoll and belongs to the Aldabra group to the Outer Islands of the Seychelles counts.

Assomption is only inhabited by a Island administrators. Come to coconut harvest and plant care annually for several weeks guest workers to the island. The island is a popular day trip destination for cruise tourists, but has no infrastructure. In addition, the Government of Seychelles respects as part of its conservation program it to approve such trips only in limited numbers.

As the Seychelles was a British colony, was mined on Assomption guano, which the then dense vegetation cover was destroyed in many parts. In 1920, most of the plants and animals of the island were exterminated. Through restoration programs part of the former flora and fauna could be restored.

The mid-1960s should Assomption and Aldabra be upgraded to a British-American military base, including deep-sea port. After strong protests from environmental organizations that plan, however, was discarded.

Parts of Jacques -Yves Cousteau and Louis Malle's award-winning documentary The Silent World was shot on Assomption.