ATR (company)

ATR (Auto- parts - ring ) is the corporate umbrella for a trade cooperation for automotive spare parts and a service center for four workshop concepts. Seat ATR is Stuttgart- Hedelfingen (Baden- Württemberg). The company ATR supply garages and auto parts dealer with original spare parts and workshop equipment.


In the 1950s, several auto parts wholesaler operations in Germany, to jointly publish a catalog for automotive spare parts. Mid-1960s, then sold the first petrol station shops car accessories and so did the wholesalers competition, which achieved high sales of accessories. Therefore, some wholesalers decided to pool their purchasing sales. This required a common legal form - created in 1967 the ATR GmbH. The founding members were the wholesalers Auto Mercury Auto Staiger, Matthies, Stahlgruber and Wessels. ATR is the oldest trade cooperation for automobile spare parts in Germany. The founding members John J. Matthies GmbH & Co KG in Hamburg, Stahlgruber GmbH in Poing and Wessels Müller AG in Osnabrück are partners to this day.

In 1990, a ATR own brand Cartechnic for workshop consumables and accessories. The range includes nearly 500 articles. The wholesalers of ATR pressed ahead with the catalog community, but only came through the electronic data processing in full swing. In 1992, the ATR partners at the Automechanika trade fair in front of her electronic parts information system ATRis.

When the purchase and sale of automobile spare parts and accessories in the 1990s, more and more cross- border business was, ATR aimed at internationalization. First shareholder outside Germany were the parts dealers Groupe Laurent from France ( since 1991) and Gerstenmaier from Spain (since 1992). With the establishment of ATR International AG, the company law framework for the growing international purchasing cooperative was created in 1999.

Facts and Figures

Today, worldwide include 30 members with 209 retail companies in 49 countries ATR International AG - including in the U.S., South America, Eastern Europe, Africa and China. Thus, ATR is present in more countries than any comparable commercial cooperation in this market.

The partner companies employ more than 33,000 people and operate about 2,850 sales offices. Together, the members of ATR International AG 2012 generated external revenue of 6.9 billion euros. ATR International AG is one of the busiest shopping communities in the independent automotive aftermarket world. The capital of the unlisted AG hold 30 shareholders (as of June 2012).

Workshop farms

Since 2008, ATR holds in the ATR SERVICE GmbH brand- independent repairer and retailer concepts Masterfully, AC AUTO CHECK and autoPARTNER together - a total of the 2,000 owner-operated farms in Germany (as of December 2013). Thus, the ATR SERVICE GmbH is the largest multi-brand concept encoder for free workshops in Germany. ATR also includes the international workshop concept ACC AUTO CHECK CENTER 184 companies (as of December 2013) in Brazil, Greece, Croatia, Portugal, Romania, Turkey and Hungary.


Among the suppliers of ATR include both manufacturers of spare parts and original equipment manufacturers in the automotive industry, such as Bosch, Continental, Hella, Mahle, Schaeffler and ZF Friedrichshafen AG. Overall ATR works with around 150 suppliers of product groups of automotive electrics, auto chemicals, auto parts, car body parts, wear parts, tools and workshop equipment.