The abbreviation ATR stands for:

  • Attenuated total reflection (English attenuated total reflection ) in ATR spectroscopy
  • Abiejų Tautu Respublika lit., Double state of Poland - Lithuania
  • Acceptance Test Report, proof of the performed function test for reconditioned parts in the aviation beings
  • Acid Test Ratio, business code
  • Advanced tongue root (English for " advanced tongue root " ) in phonetics
  • All That Remains, American metalcore band
  • Americans for Tax Reform, an American, a conservative think tank.
  • Answer to Reset, first news of a smart card, in which the communication parameters of the map are given to the smart card reader
  • Arp, Thordsen and Rautenberg, founder company of the German agricultural trading company ATR country trade
  • Atari Teenage Riot, a Berlin -digital hardcore band
  • Atractyloside, a natural toxic glycoside
  • ATR protein, a protein kinase ( ataxia telangiectasia and Rad3 -related protein )
  • Auto parts ring, trade cooperation for automotive parts, see ATR ( company )
  • Average True Range, technical stock market indicator by Welles Wilder Jr.
  • Avions de Transport Régional, an Alenia / EADS subsidiary company, manufacturer of turboprop aircraft
  • Automatic Thrust Restoration, a control function in the control of aircraft engines

A.TR stands for:

  • The movement certificate proving the open market property for the export of goods to Turkey
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