Auda ibu Tayi

Auda ban Harb al - abo seed al - mazro al - ibu Tayi Tamame (Arabic عودة أبو تايه, DMG ʿ Auda Abu Tayih, also: Auda Abu Tayi, † 1924) was the leader of the Arab Bedouin tribe of Howeitat in the time of the Arab revolt during the First World war.

Through the British Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence, he and his tribe could be convinced to join the revolt. His tribesmen were crucial in the attacks on Aqaba and Damascus in July 1917 in Oktober 1918.

In his autobiography, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom TE calls Lawrence him the greatest fighters in northern Arabia.

Despite, or by a nearly successful attempt at bribery by the Ottomans in 1918 Auda was one of the biggest supporters of Arab independence. After the collapse of the Arab government, he returned to his home country on the course of Wadi Rum and was a palace built by Ottoman prisoners of war. Prior to the completion of the building he died in 1924.

In David Lean's film Lawrence of Arabia, he was portrayed by Anthony Quinn.

  • Military person ( Arabia)
  • Person in the First World War (Ottoman Empire)
  • Arab commander
  • Arab
  • Born in the 19th century
  • Died in 1924
  • Man

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