Audio Stream Input/Output

Audio Stream Input / Output (ASIO ) is a Steinberg developed multi -channel-capable audio transfer protocol.

Using ASIO it is an appropriate software allows to access the multi-channel capabilities of many ( professional ) sound and recording cards. In addition, ASIO allows the required for professional use low latency. In favorable configurations, the latency can be reduced to a few milliseconds.

ASIO is supported by many audio and midi sequencers; many audio interface manufacturers provide ASIO drivers ready for their products. The current version of ASIO is 2.10 ( September 2010) and supports 64 -bit systems and DSD ( Direct Stream Digital). All versions of Windows from Windows 98 Second Edition are supported.

Under Windows, ASIO is kind of a software and hardware standard for real-time sound processing. Alternatives for other operating systems are:

  • ALSA (Linux)
  • Core Audio (Mac OS X)
  • JACK (Linux, Mac OS X and Windows)
  • WDM Kernel Streaming (Windows)