JACK Audio Connection Kit

JACK Audio Connection Kit JACK or is a daemon or a software interface for computer audio programs on Unix -like systems. The name is a recursive acronym.

Task and function

The JACK daemon manages the inputs and outputs of audio programs (eg sequencers, software synthesizers ) and audio hardware ( eg, microphone input, audio output to the speaker) and routes the audio signals between them. Thus, the individual elements of the computer-based recording studios can be connected intuitively with each other as in a conventional studio.

The JACK server synchronizes the client by calling at fixed times callback functions that read or write a block of audio data.

For programs that are not programmed specifically for use with JACK, it is also possible through virtual adapter to use ALSA or OSS software for under Jack. So can be used with JACK incompatible or even old programs.

A special feature of JACK is the low latency. To exploit this fully, a modern computer and possibly a modified Linux kernel is necessary, which has Ingo Molnár and Thomas Gleixners realtime patch.

With Qjackctl patchage and there are user-friendly Qt / GTK - based user interfaces for setting up and managing of JACK. The program manages additionally the MIDI routing ALSA.

JACK works with ALSA, PortAudio, ffado / freebob and OSS as a backend and is available for all POSIX -compliant operating systems such as GNU / Linux, Mac OS X and * BSD. Jack The library is freely available under the LGPL, the rest is under the GPL.

In addition to classic Jack1 consists since 2010 more and more the variant Jack2/jackdmp by. Jack2 supported at run time, each built for Jack1 program, but is particularly optimized for modern multi- processor computer.

JACK - aware programs

  • Qjackctl, a Qt -based inspection program for JACK
  • Ardour Digital Audio Workstation
  • SuperCollider, a real-time programming
  • XMMS media player, with xmms- jack- plugin for JACK
  • Rose Garden, a sequencer
  • Hydrogen, a drum pattern sequencer
  • Aeolus, a pipe organ synthesizer
  • ZynAddSubFX, a virtual Additive / subtractive synthesizer
  • Yoshimi, a variant of Synthesizeres ZynAddSubFX with improved JACK support
  • Specimen, a simple sampler software.
  • CALF - host Jack, a software that can be operated with some software synthesizers and effects in LV2 format with JACK.
  • JACK Rack, a virtual effects rack
  • JAMin, a tool for mastering audio recordings
  • Pure data, a graphical data-flow - oriented programming language
  • EnergyXT2, a commercial sequencer and modular studio
  • Renoise, a grid sequencer ( tracker)