The X MultiMedia System ( XMMS ) is a graphic, free audio player for unix -like operating systems.

XMMS plays depending on the installed plugins MP3, ( Ogg ) Vorbis, MOD, WAV, mp3PRO, MIDI and many other audio formats such as FLAC from, similar to Winamp for Windows. You can use XMMS and Winamp Skins 2. It is also possible using MPlayer plugin to watch videos (similar to Winamp 3).

There is also a liberated from all the graphic elements for the command line version called noXMMS.

Furthermore, there is a XMMS control API, xmmsctrl that allows C functions via the remote control of XMMS running sessions from other programs. A documentation of the control interface is not available, however, and must therefore be derived from the available source code. Furthermore, an XMMS control interface exists specifically for the KDE panel "kicker" named xmms- kde, which allows XMMS from the KDE panel to control.


Development began in 1997. XMMS was at the beginning of its development was closed source and X11Amp. As Play Media Systems, Inc. trademark claims filed it was to " X Multimedia System " / " XMMS " renamed in 1999. Meanwhile, the program is subject to the GPL, and is thus free software.


Since late 2007, XMMS is no longer being developed for the benefit of the successor XMMS2. Besides XMMS2 still exist, rifts bmpx and Audacious. XMMS2 is the second generation of the program. XMMS2 implements a client-server model and is equipped with a plug-in interface. It was developed from scratch and is not based on XMMS1. The current version is 0.7 DrNo. Where " DR" stands for Developer release and is intended to signal that XMMS2 is not yet ripe for the end user. Nevertheless, it was included already in some distributions, such as Debian.